Natural Foundations For Every Shade & Skin Type

Look Good and Feel Great In Your Own Skin

Our skin is the body’s biggest organ, engrossing about all that we put on it. We are about the new rush of healthy skin that is supplement rich, natural, regular, and compelling for a wide range of skin. These 10 natural cosmetics brands offer a wide scope of shades and establishment types (powder, cream, or fluid) produced using common fixings.  magyarfoundation   With these alternatives, your skin will emanate today, tomorrow, and over the long haul.

Your lips merit normal treatment, as well! These natural lipsticks and normal mascaras are the ideal last touch for your natural excellence schedule.

1. 100% PURE


Characteristic | 100% normal, pitilessness free, no additives or fake hues

Establishment Types | Powder, cream, fluid

What We Love | Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation

Shades Available | 9

Cost | $41–$48

100% PURE values making an assortment of veggie lover recipes for each sort of skin around—from the colored lotions to the full-inclusion against maturing fluid establishment. The Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation incorporates common fixings like avocado seed oil, pomegranates, and bamboo, so it’s certain to leave your skin feeling flexible and smooth through the longest days. Also, the differing colors are produced using leafy foods, rather than additives or manufactured colors. Finish it off with the Bamboo Blur Powder for a digitally embellish style finish, and you’ll be blowing some people’s minds throughout the day.


2. Juice Beauty


Normal | Certified natural, no additives, no creature testing, eco-accommodating bundling

Establishment Types | Powder, cream, fluid

What We Love | PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation

Shades Available | 13

Cost | $29–$45

Juice Beauty’s honor winning skincare items are made with confirmed natural fixings in the USA, using reasonable bundling and soy ink. Additionally known for its association with Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop assortment, Juice Beauty gives a wide range of buildable recipes in 13 unique tones that lock in dampness and give you a new, flexible look. The PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation is a success, made with aloe leaf juice, safflower seed oil, and coconut alkanes. You’ll be looking young and gleaming with this faultless completion.


3. Alima Pure


Common | Certified natural, no additives, no creature testing

Establishment Types | Powder, cream, fluid

What We Love | Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex

Shades Available | 17

Cost | $22–$42

Alima Pure is an ensured B Corp that produces common and natural cosmetics while being 100% carbon-impartial. With fixings like sage water, chamomile blossom separate, and shea spread, Alima Pure never settles on excellent equations for each skin tone. Our most loved is the squeezed powder establishment, which skims on for a smooth completion for simple in a hurry application.



Common Foundations-Ilia

Common | Certified natural, veggie lover, eco-accommodating bundling

Establishment Types | Liquid

What We Love | True Skin Serum Foundation

Shades Available | 18

Cost | $30–$54

Our skin assimilates almost all that we put on it, and ILIA needs to ensure we’re furnishing our skin with the quiet sustenance it needs. The honor winning, buildable establishment mixes natural aloe leaf juice, rosehip oil, and jojoba seed oil to alleviate aggravations and manageable redness. It likewise gives your skin an all the more even tone by limiting pores and obscuring flaws, and leaves a smooth completion.


5. Au Naturale Cosmetics


Normal | 100% common, veggie lover, pitilessness , gluten-, and without paraben, non-nano

Establishment Types | Powder, cream

What We Love | Zero Gravity C2P Foundation

Shades Available | 15

Cost | $26–$42

Made in the USA since 2011, Au Naturale Cosmetics has assumed a urgent part in upsetting the beautifying agents industry and pushing towards a future with more sheltered and normal fixings. The brand’s establishments come in 15 shades and are 100% regular, brutality free, and vegetarian—and they never contain fillers or parabens. Au Naturale establishments additionally have alleviating, skin-sustaining fixings that leave skin more advantageous than any time in recent memory. Pair this establishment with the creme concealer and the pore-limiting completing powder for a faultless, all-regular look.


6. Zuii


Normal | Certified natural, food-grade materials, no additives, no creature testing

Establishment Types | Powder, cream, fluid

What We Love | Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation

Shades Available | 17

Cost | $20–$49

Zuii is an expert quality cosmetics brand that endeavors to make items that advantage, feed, and secure your skin—without brutal synthetic substances. The Flora Liquid establishment is a calming, saturating, medium-inclusion establishment that your skin will venerate. In addition, it comes in 17 shades so you can locate the ideal match! Zuii delivers universally so you can appreciate these items any place you live.


7. Kosas

Common Foundations-Kosas

Common | Nontoxic fixings, remorselessness and without gluten

Establishment Types | Liquid

What We Love | Tinted Face Oil

Shades Available | 10

Cost | $42

Utilizing three kinds of mineral color and six dynamic plant oils (counting avocado, red raspberry, green tea seed, and meadowfoam), Kosas’ lightweight colored oil is profoundly hydrating while likewise giving medium inclusion. (It’s additionally made without parabens and phthalates.) You can anticipate that it should limit your pores and enlighten your appearance. In case you’re not yet acquainted with face oils, shake this container to emulsify at that point rub two to four drops into your skin utilizing your fingertips.




Normal | Certified natural, no additives, no creature testing, made with feasible vitality

Establishment Types | Powder, cream, fluid

What We Love | Narcissist Foundation Stick

Shades Available | 8

Cost | $25–$29

In case you’re on the chase for a 100% normal and natural establishment, W3LL PEOPLE is for you. Made in little clusters, the organization makes lavishly pigmented equations utilizing plant-based fixings like natural chamomile, aloe, and zinc. The Narcissist Foundation Stick is ideal whether you’re searching for spot rectification or full inclusion, and it comes in eight one of a kind shades for a characteristic and immaculate composition. We additionally love the adaptable, nontoxic excellence items, a large number of which are multi-reason, making them ideal for moderate travel.


9. Kjaer Weis


Regular | Certified natural and characteristic, no creature testing, some vegetarian, sans gluten

Establishment Types | Cream

What We Love | Cream Foundation

Shades Available | 16

Cost | $68

Created in Italy and bundled flawlessly in metallic cases, Kjaer Weis beautifying agents incorporate mixes of jojoba seed, coconut, and sweet almond seed oils to help battle indications of maturing, just as normally advance skin flexibility. This ensured natural cosmetics is known to be both rich and blendable, giving a semi-matte completion in 16 essentially shocking shades. Additionally, you can buy tops off for your current minimized at a scaled down cost!


10. Fume Organic Beauty


Regular | Certified natural, all-common, no additives, no creature testing

Establishment Types | Cream, fluid

What We Love | Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

Shades Available | 19

Cost | $46–$54

Fume Organic Beauty is making its imprint with regards to natural cosmetics and excellence items—and the brand’s establishment is the same. With 100% every characteristic item and mineral shades, Vapor makes equations that upgrade your normal shine without feeling substantial or fractious. For those with delicate skin, we suggest the Soft Focus establishment (accessible in 19 shades). What’s more, for normal or slick skin, we love the Luminous Foundation (accessible in 10 shades). It’s no big surprise this brand has won Allure’s Best of Beauty grant.


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