How to Fix a Grayed-Out Speaker Icon on the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

The turned gray out speaker symbol on an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, while you’re making a call, is one of the most unobtrusive however disappointing mistakes you can experience. For what reason is your telephone obstructing this single direction of talking into your telephone, or some of the time slowing down on startup, however in any case apparently fine?

The appropriate response includes a coordinated circuit (IC) sound segment, moving around somewhat inside your telephone and getting unseated after some time from ordinary use. Apple ought to know about the issue now, now and again called a “boot circle illness.” It’s an issue that one auto shop despite everything finds out about “ordinarily from everywhere throughout the world.” But even with this information, you’re probably not going to in any case have a guarantee on an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus by this date. Fortunately, this issue is a known substance in the fix field, and experts who work in microsoldering can fix it.

The Issue

Rationale leading group of an iPhone 7 Plus, with the Audio IC chip featured.

The Apple/Cirrus Logic Audio IC chip with the flawed cushion is featured in green in this picture from our iPhone 7 Plus teardown.

An out of reach, turned gray out speakerphone symbol on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is the most clear issue with a broken Audio IC. You may likewise observe the Voice Memo application symbol turned gray out, or decline to fire up or record. Your telephone itself may set aside a long effort to boot up, or appear to be stuck on the Apple logo, in spite of the fact that you can frequently tap the home catch to return to your applications.

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The issue is that the Audio IC chip has come free from the primary rationale board, as a rule on only one cushion, however that implies the iPhone can’t get to the speakerphone for calls or voice reminders. By running its common self-minds boot-up, the telephone is slowed down checking the Audio IC, which is available yet has this incomplete issue. Microsoldering master Jessa Jones, whose shop affirmed the progressing idea of this issue, clarifies the issue in detail in an iFixit Answers post:

The C12 cushion for the ace clock line of the sound ic chip on the rationale load up gets extended/lifted/pulled/debilitated just from typical utilization of the telephone … [T]he iPhone rationale load up is in a bad way down into a moderately adaptable/bendy lodging and this causes the rationale load up to encounter flexion powers that it can’t deal with. (Comparative in idea to bowing a paper cut to and fro a couple multiple times.)

As it were: at least one of the fastened cushions that hold the sound chip set up, effectively feebly joined, have come free through exceptionally limited quantities of twisting and extending power.

The Fix

You can have a go at requesting that Apple fix or supplant your telephone. A few answers on gatherings (Apple conversations, Reddit) propose that Apple thinks about this issue, and has offered a few clients substitution telephones. Given that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were discharged in the fall of 2016, notwithstanding, there may not be numerous substitution telephones to give clients, or much compassion toward the issue in any case.

Those with aptitudes in microsoldering, be that as it may, can promptly fix the issue, and guarantee it doesn’t occur once more. This involves evacuating the chip, melding a very small wire around the flawed cushion to fortify its association with the board, and afterward re-seating the chip. You can watch Jessa Jones fix an iPhone 7 with an Audio IC issue on a livestreamed fix meeting:

Apple gadget information recuperation expert Frederico Cerva doesn’t go into so much detail, yet by and large strolls through the issue:

SoCal Digital Repair shows how the fix is done in a blog entry.

Search for an auto shop in your general vicinity that offers microsoldering work. In the event that you can’t discover one locally, think about mailing in your gadget for administration to a trustworthy shop. While it’s not as simple a fix as a battery or screen substitution, it is a known issue that can be fixed and make your still-great iPhone 7 work for you again.

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