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Hello and welcome to Beavercove Art!

We thank you for showing your interest in writing for us. As an online general magazine, we appreciate the work of fresh writers who can offer a great perspective and insight on various topic niches. Beavercove Art is looking for unique writers who have experience in our topics and a passion for writing.

Here’s what we at Beavercove Art look for in our writers:

  • All submissions must provide the required details necessary for the topic. We are interested in reviews, how-tos, guides, products, etc.
  • We will not accept of form of material that is published on any site or deemed as plagiarized, However
  • We accept all articles that are finished and ready to be published.
  • All articles must have a minimum of 350 words to 1,500 words. Longer content must be approved by our editorial staff.
  • Content must be well-written and scanned through Copyscape and Grammarly premium to ensure quality.
  • All submissions must provide resources for the topic with the acceptable line of credits due to the source.

As a general magazine website, we provide you with the best opportunity to write for a variety of niche topics. Our aim is to provide an inside scoop and interesting content for your readers. All writers will have their personal biography located at the bottom of their articles for credit.

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