Why Learn Wushu Singapore

Learning Wushu Singapore can help you build core and physical strength. A lot of basic stances like the Bow Stance and the Horse Stance build core and leg muscles. You need to maintain your form and hold poses during training. If you want to learn Wushu with weapons, you should keep in mind that holding weapons is similar to holding weights. You need to build shoulder and arms trength as well as control the weights.

Learning Wushu Singapore

You will learn and perfect kicks. This requires a particular level of flexibility. As such, stretching plays a large role in warmingup exercises. You will also learn how to properlyexecute front and side splits. Good flexibilitycan help improve your ability and reduce the chances of sustaining injury. Wushu emphasizes body coordination abilities. Maintaining proper discipline is also important when learning Wushu. This includes self-trainingwhen the coach isn’t around to monitor you and mutual respect.

Discipline will also help you learn a lot faster. Learning Wushu builds confidence and determination when you are trying to master a certain routine or stunt. When you are at a certain competency level, your master will send you for performances and competitions, helping you boost your confidence and stage exposure.

Wushu Singapore is usually held in organizations and large groups. Masters will often appoint a team leader to lead routine practices and maintain discipline. Senior practitioners would also be appointed to teach you about the new steps in your routines. Kicks routines and warming up take up almost half of the lessons and are often led by the senior practitioners. These activities build leadership and confidence.

Team spirit is also promoted by ensuring every student follows the command of the leader and performs the same movements at the same time. Punishments will be implemented when one doesn’t follow commands.

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