Which Is The Best Glue? Epoxy Glue Or Super Glue?

When you are passionate about building things or even fixing things by yourselves and want to get the best result out of the job then you even need the best products so that your work becomes permanent. We all know o super glue which has a very thin texture and can be used to fill up holes and as instant glue that dries up pretty fast. Super glues can be used for things that perfectly fit into each other but they don’t provide that serious kind of strength and will apart if tension is applied from sideways.

So we have a better option and they are called דבק אפוקסי. Epoxy falls under the family of polymers and form molecular bonds through polymerization amongst itself and other compounds. They can be used for a wide range of products and can be used for electrical appliances, cooking appliances and medical tools. They are the strongest of their kind and take time to dry or cure because they require high temperature to cure. The bonds get stronger with rise in temperature. They can bare excessive amounts of force and moisture for a long time. The bonds formed by them are so strong that they are sometimes used in welding too. We can definitely find their great use in the IT department as they are used inside our motherboards.


Super Glue can be used when you have two parts that fit perfectly or when you just want to fill a small hole and you would want the adhesive to dry fast but Epoxy Glue is used when you want the hold to be stronger. You can buy any brand because almost all are the same. The strength of epoxy is mentioned in psi and you can check that while comparing the products in the market.

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