Top Rated BBCOR Bats 2017

When the season is ripe, the baseball players around the world gear towards getting the best bbcor bats in order to enjoy and excel in the game. If you go to the market to look for the best bats, you must avoid being confused by the various brands in the market; concentrate on getting the best bbcor bats from the list below to be assured of quality brands.

Here are the top rated BBCOr bats 2017 to select from:

The BB17MK from Easton Comp 3 Baseball Bat

It comes with a TCT composite barrel that has a two piece design construction that you will fall in love with because it makes it have an extended size of the barrel while keeping it lightweight at the same time so that you will be able to enjoy the rapid swing. It also utilizes the New technology which will allow you to be able to enable you to have enough amount of energy that will give you the swing force into the sweet spot that will make you hit the oncoming baseball harder for it to go farther.  Its handle is constructed from durable materials which allow you to add an extra swing momentum into the barrel when the baseball is hit. It costs between $429.95 and $450.00.

BBCOR Maxum Baseball Bat

It is unique in the way it is constructed;  unlike others, it comes constructed in one piece which is coupled with the fact that it is entirely made from strong materials which make it an incredible choice for those who are power hitters. Its consistency, strength, and balance make this bat be in a class of its own and if you add the fact that, it is using the Precision Molding Technology, you get a bat for everyone to love. It costs between $179.95 and $249.95.

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