Tom Cruise Net Worth

According to the Forbes estimates, Tom Cruise is a missive earner. He not only acted in movies but produced countless of them. Started out as a lover boy with a niche in action, he became one of the biggest action heroes in the showtime business. The Forbes list estimates the actor’s net worth around a humongous 550 million. His name in any movie or franchise simple spells gold at the box office. He holds the record of acting in six successive movies that cashed over 100 million in the movie stacks. Wit numerous endorsements and public appearances at concerts and festivals, he has money trailing his path. His movies series Mission Impossible made him a successful earner at the business and put him in the top notch. With huge investments be it properties in Ibiza, mansion in the Beverly Hills or estate in Colorable among many others, he has gained huge profits and seems to insists on cashing on to richest celebrities.

After his separation from his wife, Katie Holmes, he single handily pays for the upbringing and security of his daughter Suri. He had his first big hit as Maverick in the evergreen movie that paved his ay or stardom MAVERICK. Till date, Tom Cruise has already received a total of three Golden Globe Awards and three Academy Awards nominations. Tom Cruise is even said to make more money than his previous movies in his role has Jack Reacher in the series of the same. He has been a prominent face in almost all his films, be it the Jack Reacher series or the Mission Impossible series.

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