The Suicide Squad

The famous movie Suicide Squad, which is a film complets loosely developed from the villain team in the similar name of DC Company, is made into a hero movie in America and marketed by Warner.The character most looked forward to, for obvious reasons are Deadshot alias Floyd Lawton which is played by Will Smith. The character is a normal human who vows by his daughter but is a convict. Will Smith stated the there are scenes shared by Deadshot and Batman. Jared Leto is portraying the character of the evergreen Joker.Jared Leto went through ha lot of study and research to play this role and was very happy on bagging it in the first place. He wanted to portray Joker a little older than what people think him to be and for that he took to gospel music and solitude. Jared even went to the extent of talking to doctors to know more about the minds of psychopaths and is said to have even spent a little time with the psychopaths.

The tattoos on Joker are a new addition by the director as the director considered those tattoos to give Joker a more modern sinister look. Margot Robbie will be seen playing the role of HarleenQuinzel alias Harley Quinn who is a psychiatrist by day and a badass anti-heroine by night. A relationship is shown between Quinn and Joker.

Margot described her character as the most “manipulative” of all the members in the squad. Joel Kinnaman would be playing the character of Rick Flag who is the ever ready field observer for the squad. Rick has to execute Amanda’s orders but he often doesn’t like every order and has his own way of seeing things. Actor Hardy formerly was selected for the character but his name was opted out owing to his tight schedules. Viola Davis is portraying the character of Amanda Waller. As said before she is the official commander of the team. She is shown as a no nonsense lad who always means business.

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