The ferry rides from Batam to Singapore

The ferry rides from Batam to Singapore are not only popular among tourists who wish to get a taste of what lies around and outside of Singapore, but it is also a common transport for people living in Batam to commute to Singapore regularly, if not on a daily basis. Each ride takes over an hour, but the shortest route is only of 40 minutes.You will see that 5 ports in Batam connect their ferries to 2 Singapore ports. So, decide where you want to go in Singapore before you get on the ferry. The companies which run the ferries to and from Singapore are also ample in number, so you will have plenty of options for the rides and the prices which they charge.Batam is a city in Indonesia, which is growing in popularity with people visiting Singapore and Indonesia, so you can expect to see a lot of crowd there as compared to the non-tourist destinations. Batam is only 20 kilometres away from Singapore, but the only connection between them is through ferry as a vast sea lie between the two countries.

Why should you visit Batam?

If you’re a shopping lover, you will be spoilt for choices in the island of Batam. The island is growing as new business and shopping complexes are coming in high numbers but in very short times. The island has become a famous place due to the connection it provides with Singapore, and also the stopover destination, which it is, to reach Malaysia. The beautiful, natural scenes of the island surrounded by a large mass of water body, Batam also adds the charm of modern and fun nightlife, which invites people from all around the world to get the new taste of life.

Once you’re here, you’d never want to go! Singapore is the smallest country in the world which has made so much impact on the world. If you’re visiting Singapore, visit Batam via the ferry from Singapore to Batam.

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