Safety Conditions Of The Best Cribs

Picking out the ideal crib can be more difficult than you initially thought. Of course you want the design and style of the crib to be cute and match with the nursery that may already be set up. Aside from the appearance, you also want to be certain that the manufacturer is compliant with all the safety standards alongside features that are actually worth the price if not more; seems like a tall order right? The best cribs out there outdo so many brands, it’s just a matter of finding out which one is for you and what to look for in the crib.


Hundreds of cribs featured drop-down sides before to aid parents for improved access to the child but this particular feature was banned all together back in 2011. Bottom line, don’t get a crib with drop-down sides. As stated in the current safety standards, the distance between the slats should be limited to 2-3/8”. Older versions and models have larger gaps, there have been a number of cases where the child’s head is stick between the gaps. Cribs also feature all those toys and characters in the form of cut-outs but these kinds of decorations should be avoided; a leg or an arm can be caught and a few scratches or wounds might be made.

Take note, also avoid the ones with the overly decorative rail posts because they become choking hazards. Cribs have come a long from their initial design and now prove to feature little to no hazards. Don’t forget to verify the safety certifications like Greenguard. It won’t hurt to do some research on the manufacturer and see their record when it comes to recall for things like the paint used. Lastly, make sure that you purchase a quality mattress that goes with the durability of the crib.