Maybe It Is Time To Move To Headphones From Speakers

Shopping and Product review With the digital revolution, the whole world has gone digital. And unfortunately, so have the people living in the said world. We have lost touch with the physical world and have started living in a virtual world. One tool that takes us one step closer to being lost in a world that does not exist is the headphones.In the earlier days, the headphones were typically used as a listening device and recent technology has seen people use these headphones for multiple purposes. Another device that is fundamentally the same as the headphones is the loudspeaker. Both of these devices are used to transmit sound. However, the headphones add the personal touch. The loudspeaker however, is effective as a means of public communication. To know more about headphones, visit at

Transmitting Sound over Headphones and Speaker

Both the channels can be heard by both ears simultaneously. However, when you are using your headphones, you hear only one channel per ear. The purpose of the headphones gets accomplished once the sound reached the ear. However, with the speakers, there is always potential for hearing the sound provided it bounces off the room.  This also means that the greater the proximity to the speaker, the louder the music. The farther you are from the speakers, the lesser sound you can hear

When to use Headphones over Speakers

Headphones should always be your go-to-guy when you need to listen to brilliant music with all its acoustic glory.  The biggest problem with stereos is it always factors in the conditions of the surroundings. Read it as, room acoustic variables, if you are up for big words. However, headphones are not very effective if the surrounding noise is overpowering. Sit in a bus or a crowded street and listen to music using your headphones, and you will understand what I mean. The environmental noise overpowers the sound from your headphones.

Noiseless Headphones

In a bid to eliminate the environmental noise, noise-canceling or isolating headphones have been developed. However, these headphones have so far only succeeded in reducing the noise, and have not eliminated it. And with this recent development, the most effective method for noise elimination is to listen to really loud music. The drawback of listening to really loud music for a prolonged duration of time is it causes damage to the eardrums, affecting your hearing.The biggest determining factor of the preference to headphones is a person’s age. Studies show that a person aged under 30 tends to prefer headphones, whereas a person aged over 30 prefers speakers. And the other big determining factor is the price of the device. Headphones are available from a range lower than the speakers’ range. This makes the consumer gravitate towards the headphones naturally.  With all this being said and done, it is once again the choice of the consumer to choose between headphones and speakers at and as always, this is in line with the age-old ‘Consumer is King’ concept the world employs.

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