Flash Through the Darkness

Walking in the dark is a bit lonely and scary. But when the path is lighted by your own shoes, it is nice to walk in your own light with more confidence and comfort. Footwear that has Blinkschuhe has become a source of comfort to walkers and runners as they have lights to improve visibility especially in the early morning and late night. Flashlights can be clipped on to all types of shoes so that the light illuminates the way ahead. This allows walkers, to move ahead without tripping or falling in the dark, where obstacles may hinder their way.


Clip-On Attachments

The footwear flashlight clip-on’s can also be attached on headgear attachments, ring lamps and on sneakers too. These shoe clips can be easily secured on all types of shoes, for both adults and for kids.

They can also be clipped on, around the wrist to throw light especially while walking in the night. For greater visibility, there are two settings to make the wearer visible in the night, as well as to throw light for the wearer’s visibility. These two settings are steady light and flashing light. For better use, they have USB batteries with charging cables, so that they can be charged and used again, making it more economic and easy to use.

The batteries are most conveniently placed, so that they do not cause any discomfort to the wearer.  As they have to run on batteries, the next factor that is necessary is the water-proof feature. They can be worn even during the rainy season as they are water resistant. The charging time taken for the battery to get charged is two hours and these charged batteries can be used for up to 30 to 50 hours after one single charge. So there is no worry about using them frequently as they have a long lasting charge.

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