Buying Guide For Small SUV

There are those people who don’t buy an SUV because of its size, but because of its shape.  The small SUV happens to be the best pick for most buyers of SUV due to its compatibility. With it, you will be able to have it easy when negotiating parking lots; pay less up front and at the pump; most of them have tailgates, which can be lifted and the rear can easily fold in order to create more room where you can place your luggage. At the moment, small SUV is commanding the market with demand even becoming higher than supply. Whatever you want in an SUV, whether it is roominess, efficiency, fun or even just the off-road experience, there is always an SUV which will definitely meet your needs.

Here are some of the top of range small SUV in the market

Toyota RAV 4 2017

It is roomy and offers a wide range of benefits while it retains its originality. It is the only small SUV, which is hybrid. It is a combination of two-box profile and a car like performance, which has a semblance of off-road capability. Apart from retaining its originality, it also offers refreshed styling.  It has a roomy interior which can comfortably fit five adults to enjoy a smooth ride which is controlled without being soft or floating.  It has a great resale value and boasts of having a strong reputation for reliability.

Nissan Rogue 2016

It is one of the sophisticated yet substantial small SUVs, which are available on the market. Its interior is attractive which makes it be one of the best compact SUVS on the market. It looks fast, racy with a style which is more relaxed. It costs $25,000.

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