Brief Introduction To Runescape Private Servers

What is a RuneScape Private Server? If you have been into some sort of online gaming and want to host servers of your own, you might probably have heard of these. RuneScape servers are some sort of server that isn’t all reliant on Java. Membership arrangements like buying membership items and exploring member areas in a server isn’t controlled by Java in RuneScape servers, so it is kind of easier for hosting free servers for various purpose like online gaming. RuneScape Servers, known as RSPS in brief offer great functionality and flexibility for online gaming. These aren’t very costly either, you can very well afford an RSPS with a mid-range budget.

Why invest your time into building an RSPS?

Private servers usually offer better service than the already prepared servers that are available for free, or some money. Existing commercial servers host a lot of ads which might eventually slow down the gaming performance, as ads occupy a greater deal on bandwidth and system resources. This way, commercial servers earn their money from ads and offer the service to end-users (e.g. gamers) for free or very low cost. But users do typically lose the performance for these ads; and private servers like RSPS are free of this trouble. If you are truly an enthusiast in online gaming, you should purchase an RSPS.

Pros and Cons

Of course, like anything the RSPS have some sort of pros and cons.


The pros are, you may not really have to pay a lot of money. As you get the membership functionality on your servers, you might sell these membership to the gamers in your server and promise an ad free experience.

The cons are, you have to do all the job yourself. Updating the system yourself and setting it up could be hectic if you are not much of a techie.


Is an RSPS worth it? Yes it is! However, you should do your research before you pay for them.