Is Bitcoin A Bubble?

Is Bitcoin A Bubble?

Bitcoins has taken the world by a storm in the last few years and it was the first block chain medium that was created about 10 years. It wanted to single handedly take on the entire banking system by the means of simple, fast and non chargeable transfers and it has done so rightly. It created the base for all other crypto currency like Litecoin and Ethereum to flourish. In the recent Bitcoin news it has been updated that bitcoin is risen from the dark web to control a lot of business in today’s world.


Bitcoins have taken a hit recently and have fallen an average of 10% in the last few months due to their recent problems in processing. Right now bitcoins take longer time to process and also charge a processing fee which has become a huge problem because they are turning out to be like the same banks that they set out to replace. They have been facing stiff competition from Ethereum which has set out to become the top cryptocurrency in the world. It is said to become a more secure branch of the blockchain.

Bitcoin has been taking a lot of hit right now and Steam pulled out of receiving payments from Bitcoin and that might lead to a chain effect into other companies also pulling out which seemed to be the case with Microsoft too but they have again added Bitcoin as one if their modes of payment.

Is bitcoin still a viable mode of investment? Well it’s current investors aren’t really happy and the fact that bitcoin is not changing according to the times might really affect the creator of this economy and might lead it to it’s own grave. The competition is just overwhelming and the long standing banks will always make a move to scrutinize and defame the organisation that could practically erase them.…